Terms & Conditions


We primarily serve clients within 50 miles of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


A signed contract is required prior to the start of any organizing project. In some circumstances, we may request a deposit or a retainer before confirming appointments or providing services.

Schedules are set by mutual agreement.


Given the sensitive nature of the work we do and the high level of trust it requires our clients to place in us, clients can be assured of absolute privacy when working with us. We strictly adhere to the National Association of Professional Organizers Code of Ethics which emphasizes confidentiality, honesty, and integrity.

*All client information will be kept strictly confidential, except where disclosure is required by law.


Our rates are highly competitive. Please call us at 954-406-6002 for further information. Services are charged based on the applicable hourly rate.

Tip: Completing any “homework” you might be asked to do between organizing sessions will save you money.


The first 100 miles (round trip) of travel is free. After that, travel is billed at $0.54/mile. If our office has not mentioned this to you in writing, you are not responsible for travel costs.

Travel time between work sites is billable at our standard hourly rate.

Travel fees may be waived at our sole discretion.


We accept payment by cash, check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to “Your Pro Organizer”. There will be a charge of $35 for any check returned for insufficient funds or any bank draft item that is not payable for any reason, as well as additional collection and/or legal fees to compensate for overdraft charges and unpaid account balances.

Payment in full is due at the completion of each organizing session.


Billable services will include, but not be limited to, meetings at a client’s home, office, or place of business, phone consultations (beyond the client’s complimentary introductory consultation), electronic communication and off-site work on a client’s behalf.


Direct expenses of service – including, but not limited to, copying/messenger services/shipping fees/delivery charges, parking, tolls and other transportation charges, overnight charges – are the client’s responsibility. They will be billed to the client at the time of service, if not provided directly by the client.


Clients are responsible for paying for all agreed-upon supplies (file folders, labels, labeling tape, storage containers, shelving, etc.) necessary for the completion of the project.

We will either make suggestions about what supplies should be purchased and the client will do the shopping, the client will assist us in shopping for supplies, or we will shop and purchase supplies without the client being present and make arrangements to have those supplies delivered to the client’s location.

Our standard, hourly rate will apply for shopping and returns. Receipts for funds spent on clients behalf will be presented at the time payment for services is due.


There is a 3-hour minimum per appointment. In our experience, organizing sessions of shorter duration too often do not produce optimal results.


Your time is very important to us and we know you feel the same. When a client books an appointment with us, that time slot is reserved exclusively for them and becomes unavailable for anyone else to use. If, for some reason other than a true emergency or serious illness, a client needs to cancel or change an appointment, please kindly provide at least 48 hours advance notice so that others may take advantage of the unused time.

Unless we receive 48-hours or more cancellation notice prior to a client’s scheduled appointment start time (with the exception of a true emergency or serious illness), the fee for the entire session will be charged and must be paid in full within (7) days of the cancellation, and prior to the scheduling of any further appointments. This fee may be waived or adjusted at our sole discretion.


Clients acknowledge control of the job site(s) and agree to provide us access to the job site(s) for the term of the work.


Clients are required to be present during organizing sessions and to assist with the projects, unless otherwise agreed. Any other adult age 18 years old and over whose space is being affected (i.e. family member) should be present for the initial consultation.

It is very important that clients and Organizer focus on the session. Therefore, clients must make arrangements for handling incoming phone calls, re-directing visitors, childcare, etc. so that sessions are not interrupted.

We will not throw anything out without the client’s permission. We help the CLIENT make decisions, but the final decision is always the client’s. Thus the client is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the discarding or destroying of any records or personal effects. The client agrees to make final decisions about disposition of items.

We agree to implement the proposed solutions within a reasonable period of time, as discussed with the client, and for the price agreed upon.

NOTE: Although getting organized is an ideal time to do any necessary home or office/place of business cleaning, we are not a cleaning service and are not responsible for that parallel part of the work.

We strive to meet a 100% client satisfaction level. It is our responsibility to analyze your situation, teach you appropriate new skills and help you make the changes you want. If we fail to meet any realistic expectations, we will schedule a complimentary session to make any necessary adjustments.

All claims must be submitted in writing within seven business days of completion of project. Letters describing in detail what work or parts of the project were not completed or satisfactorily executed should be emailed to info@yourproorganizer.com.

If we have created a new system for you, your responsibility is to maintain it long enough for it to become a habit. Typically, habit-forming takes 30 days. If you faithfully use your new system for 30 days, we have already adjusted it to better suit your needs and you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money.

If we have completed multiple sessions together, the client refund will be strictly limited to the amount of the most recent session. Failure to make a claim within seven business days implies that the client fully accepts the completed work.


At a client’s request, we will act as the client’s agent with other service providers (movers, carpenters, contractors, etc.). Clients must contract directly with such service providers. We take no responsibility – and clients agree to hold us harmless for the actions or performance of other service providers.


We will use reasonable care in the performance of all of our duties. We will not accept responsibility for any damage to a client’s personal property that is not the direct result of our gross negligence. If applicable, clients are responsible for furnishing a list of specific items they do not want to have us, or our agent, touch or move.

In fulfillment of our organizing services, clients agree to hold us harmless and give us, or our agent, full discretion in the removal and disposal of papers, files and/or other property belonging to the client.

Clients agree to limit aggregate liability to amount of fees charged.


We reserve the right to withdraw from an organizing project at any time if the project involved perceived unsafe working conditions, if clients are in breach of their agreement with us (bounced checks, non-payment, etc.), or if we cannot render the services requested by clients through no fault of our own.

We request that clients remove and secure firearms from work areas before work begins.


Clients agree to all compensation terms: payment in advance, cancellation fee, methods of payment we accept, late fees, bad check fees, and cost of collection.


Clients acknowledge our intellectual property rights and agree not to violate them in any way.


Clients give us permission to use, without remuneration, testimonials they provide and before and after photos of their location, taken with their permission, in our marketing materials, which may include print and online advertising. Clients will be identified by first name, last initial, location and job (i.e. Kathryn G., Aventura, – Office) or an alias, if preferred and requested. We warrant that at no time will your testimonial, pictures or name be used to promote unlawful or morally objectionable activities including (but not limited to): sending unsolicited email; activities designed to defame, embarrass, harm or abuse third parties; or hate crime of any kind. Your personal information will never be sold or distributed.


Your use of this website is subject to the following terms and conditions. At our discretion, these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Privacy Policy:

We have a strict privacy and anti-spam policy. We do not use “cookies” or track your visit to this website in any way whatsoever and we only collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us. Except as may be required by law, we will never share or sell any information that you give us or send email that hasn’t been requested.

Electronic Communication:

Information sent via the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure; any information provided by you is done at your own risk. We shall not be liable for any actions taken or any omissions to act as a result of any emal message you send to us. In addition, please note that our website contains links to other websites over which we have no control and which are governed by their own privacy and other policies.

Use & Content:

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Warranty & Limitation of Liability:

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Information provided by us is NOT intended as a substitution for professional psychological or psychiatric advice.

Information obtained from outside sources is believed to be reliable, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy, timeliness or completeness. All such information is subject to change at any time without notice.


Agreements with our clients are not transferable to any other parties.

The foregoing terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Any and all legal action(s) related to this website, its usage and any agreements with our clients may only be brought in courts located in the Southern District of Florida.

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