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Your Neighbor’s Tidy Little Secret: Eight Reasons To Hire A Professional Organizer

Organizing is a trend that is sweeping the nation. From the success of Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to the countless segments, articles, and products geared towards organizing our lives, it is safe to say…America is obsessed! One of my favorite quotes states it perfectly,”being organized is being in control” and who doesn’t want that?!? But you may ask, “with all of the books, blogs, and products out there…shouldn’t I be able to organize on my own?” Unfortunately it is not always that simple. In steps…the professional organizer.

A professional organizer is someone who is trained in the most effective methods of organization and knows how to implement these plans into your space. They have the knowledge and experience working with clients on a range of projects, from corporate offices to residential spaces and lifestyle projects, and they bring their expertise straight to your door. Just like you might hire a personal trainer to get in shape, a tutor to help your child get through a tough subject in school, or an interior designer to provide the layout for your new kitchen, a professional organizer is trained in the art of organizing. Working with you to learn how you live and how you dream of existing in your space in order to get you where you want to be.

With all of the information and products geared towards helping people get organized, the quickest and most effective method by far is working with a professional. With years of industry experience, our pro organizers have compiled some of the top reasons their clients have jumped on the professional organizer bandwagon.


1. Clutter Is More Common Than You Think

Think about it. Most of us juggle work, family, friends, chores and any extra “me” time we can squeeze in every day. So when it comes to organizing…we just can’t find the time or motivation. Just like a personal trainer a professional organizer acts as a coach. Someone to not only jump start the process, but to set you up for future success.


2. Physical And Emotional Clutter Is Overwhelming

Everyone has that space in their home, whether it is a drawer, a closet, a room, or a majority of the house. It is the place we keep things we don’t know where else to put, the room we leave our family’s or personal memorabilia, that space we dump life’s “seasonal” items. Going through components of our past can be both physically and mentally daunting. These elements have piled up for a reason, and the thought of tackling them alone…inconceivable. Professional organizers are sensitive to this and use an unbiased approach, not to mention another set of hands, while work with you on tackling those tough spaces. You have a goal, and we are here to help you achieve it.


3. Cleaning And Organizing Are Very Different

Cleaning keeps your home dirt, dust and grime free. Organizing is what allows you and your family to easily find and use the items you own. Hate cleaning in general? Well, maintaining an organized space also allows for more easy and effective cleaning. If there is a “home” for everything there is little room for clutter, and cleaning becomes a breeze.


4. A Blog Or A Book Cannot Predict YOUR Unique Situation

Blogs and books on organizing are a great source of inspiration. They may even help you stay organized once you have a system in place, but often times reading an article on “keeping a tidy closet” will not provide you the step by step guidance on your specific project. In our experience the benefit clients take away from working alongside a pro far exceeds the time and money spent trying to do it on their own. Remember, a professional organizer is an expert in strategy and the best available products on the market. They are a one-stop-shop for getting your space in tip-top shape.


5. The Daunting Task Of Paperwork

In the digital age, we have much less use for actual paper documents than in years past, yet the majority of Americans just don’t know where or how to begin the process of organizing their paperwork. Often times it seems easier to just “put it in a file” than to think about it, which leads to overcrowded filing cabinets and desks, misplaced information, and overall stress. Professional organizers are trained to spot and sort the documents you actually need, indicate what is OK to get rid of, and even help you go digital.


6. Creating Space Where There Is None

Life changes often bring about new and sometimes unexpected additions. A baby, an aging parent moving in, Thanksgiving dinner for 30…these are all additions to your home which might already be packed to the brim. Professional organizers are spacial experts trained to help you create space where needed by rearranging certain areas and helping you determine how to live a full and complete life in the space you already have.


7. The Stress of Moving

You just got the keys to your new place! Such an exciting moment followed by what is considered one of the most stressful times of anyone’s life…moving. An upheaval of all of your possessions and their transfer to your new home. Not to mention the unpacking! While movers may bring your belongings from one place to another the way your home is packed and unpacked sets the tone for the ease of the move. Professional organizers work with clients during their move to make sure they get a fresh and stress-free start in their new home.


8. Ambition With Lack Of Expertise

OK, so you’ve taken three days off work, read all of your favorite organization blogs, spent a pretty penny at The Container Store, and you’re ready to organize! You are motivated and you start right in the center of it. Six hours later you look around, and it seems you have barely made a dent. Also, where did you put that photo box? Often times the idea of organizing seems doable until we are in the midst of it. Some of us are musically gifted, others thrive in math and sciences, professional organizers are not only trained but have a mind for organization. This is an instinct that does not come naturally to everyone and cannot always be taught. Hiring a professional organizer provides you access to someone who is a master of their craft and who will help transfer their expertise to your project creating a customized space that works perfectly for you.

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