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The Wardrobe Cleanse That Works!

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Welcome to the YPO blog. Built by organization specialists, read by anyone looking for more time, space and simplicity, and focused on uncovering the CORE of simplified living. I have decided to focus part one of this two-part remedy on the one thing that allows us to express ourselves before we even open our mouth. Our style!

The suit you wore to that office holiday party the year you were let go, the designer dress you got at a sample sale in Chelsea but never wore, then there is the clothing you constantly gloss over while searching for something to wear. All of this has a psychological impact that has likely been piling up in your closet and your mind for years. It is time to wipe the slate clean by making mindful decisions on what we have in our closets and why. Just like a body cleanse, a “wardrobe cleanse” will help trim the fat, allowing you to showcase the “you” you want to be. Our team of organizers has complied some of their favorite tips to help you develop the wardrobe of your dreams without purchasing a single thing. So take a day (or two) grab our checklist (or an organization specialist) and get started!

1. Remove The Tragic

Do a once over of all your clothing, remove anything damaged beyond repair and set aside items that need tailoring in a special pile near the front door. Have you had these damaged items for a long time? Set a deadline for yourself on when they must be fixed and stick to it. If you pass the deadline and your clothing remains un-mended, it’s probably time to let it go.

2. Find Fit and Function

Most of us have a few items that used to be real go-to pieces, but that have not fit or been practical for quite some time. Run through your clothing once more, no need to try anything on just yet, this step is to get rid of the pieces you already know are there. Ask yourself…Does it fit? (physically or lifestyle-wise). How long has it been since it’s fit? Will it ever fit? Be realistic with your answer. It may be hard to get rid of your favorite halter top from 1997, but the fact is it is no longer contributing to your happiness and probably hasn’t for some time now.

3. But It’s Brand Spankin’ New(ish)!

Most of us are guilty of having one or more pieces of clothing that went straight from the store to our closet and never again saw the light of day. Maybe it was an amazing sale, the (gasp) last one on the rack, or an item purchased for a special occasion that was never used. Whatever the reason, if it has been more than six months and you have not yet worn it…it is most likely time to let go. Having trouble parting? Consider gifting the piece to a friend. Just because you can not find a use for it does not mean it shouldn’t be enjoyed.

4. Revamping Your “Cozies” 

Now this is something we ALL have. The clothing we wear around the house. Super comfy, but often downright terrifying. The public sees the polished put together us, but as soon as that front door closes we cover ourselves in over-sized shirts, worn out and saggy pants, maybe even a sock with a hole. It’s kind of like that ‘laundry day underwear’ you own, “hey, nobody sees it but me right?” While that is true it’s also true that what you wear has a profound effect on how you see yourself. If you start the day (or evening) in your movie marathon sweats, how likely are you to interact with the outside world, leave the house, heck, even finish that work report? Put your best foot forward at home by removing those pieces of worn out and tired clothing. This will allow you to find and wear the pieces that are comfortable and make you feel great. So say goodbye to those sweatpants from three boyfriends past and slip into something a little more luxurious like those silk pajama bottoms you got last Christmas.

5. Nix Negative Association

This can be many things to many people. Maybe it is the blouse you wore the day you crashed your car, maybe it’s the section of “I know I will fit back into this one day” clothing. Whatever this category means to you, the most important thing to consider about the clothing we keep is that it should make us feel good, both to look at and to wear. It might be a beautiful blouse, but if it brings up that negative memory every time you see it…you are better off without it.

6. Dump The Doubles

We all have a style. Sometimes our style is ingrained in the latest fashions, sometimes it is more home-grown. Either way, it’s likely that somewhere in our closet there is at least one piece that is almost identical to another (think that blue flower print dress that has a blue-green cousin). Now unless you have adopted the Steve Jobs wardrobe, the duplicates of our favorite pieces, and there is always a favorite, rarely get worn. Lay out the items that are noticeably similar and eliminate the runners up keeping only those go-to pieces. This will free up space and make your daily routine much simpler.

7. The Fool-Proof Fix

Now maybe you have just gone through the first six steps and you are feeling great! There are piles of clothing for donation on their way out and your closet is fresh, light, and everything is easily visible. Yes, it’s possible, but more than likely there is still a lot left. This is after all a process…clothing is an intimately personal possession and not cheap to replace! Our last trick takes longer than 1-2 days, but is a fool-proof way to uncover what you really are or are not wearing. Start by removing all of the hanging clothing from your closet and re-hang it, facing the hooks towards you (the “wrong way”). Now whenever you wear something, put it back the right way. In six months, any items still facing the wrong way (excluding any formal or specialty pieces) are items you are clearly not wearing that are safe to let go.

Understanding the “why” behind what we own is a process that requires some introspection. It may not be quick, it may not be easy, but by starting you have taken the first step towards discovering your very own possession-connection. What you do with this knowledge from here is up to you, but we hope that your journey uncovers a more peaceful and fulfilling way of life.

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