Could Minimalism Be Right For You?

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Minimalism, the concept wherein everything is stripped down to its essential quality to achieve simplicity.

What began decades ago as an artistic movement has more recently spread across our culture like a wildfire. Businesses are adopting minimalist design in their logos, young professionals are moving into tiny homes, and families across the nation are even taking the leap and pairing down. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “listen, I’m no hippie…I love my things and I don’t plan on getting rid of anything because of some trend.”

While minimalism is an effective lifestyle choice for some, it isn’t “for” everyone. A great way to know for sure? Peruse through our list below, and if you find yourself wondering, “what if?” a lifestyle transformation is easier than you may think.

1. You HATE Cleaning

Most people enjoy a freshly cleaned space. No dirt, grime or clutter…it’s wonderful. Well, if you are someone who enjoys the actual process of rearranging tchotchkes to dust, picking up toys before mopping or general tidying up, minimalism may not be right for you. Having less means you spend less time decluttering and cleaning the things in your space, and more time on, well…anything else.

2. You’d Like To Start A New Hobby

There is a saying, “the thing’s you own end up owning you.” This is 100% true. Organizing, cleaning, repairing, replacing, purchasing. Everything we own takes some level of commitment. Some of these items are never really used, yet their storage and maintenance takes time. Time that could be spent doing something fun. Now if you are one of those people who would rather spend a beautiful weekend at home re-arranging your closets instead of visiting friends or taking a trip, minimalism may not be right for you.

3. You’re Constantly Searching For Things

Most people I speak to about minimalism are under the impression that it means living in a home with one chair, one table, one pencil and so on. This is not the case! Being a minimalist does not come with a rule book, but rather a lens to look through asking, “is this item/action truly, beneficial to my life?” Naturally, if you are able to ask this question to each of your possessions you will find items you own that neither bring joy or usefulness to your life, and as a minimalist you would have no qualms getting rid of them. If you are however someone who likes to sift through piles of paperwork, rake through clothing to find the piece you want, or shuffle dishes to get to your favorite platter, the “minimalist lens” might just remove those joys from your life.

4. You Are Looking For A Real Lifestyle Change

Minimalism has a way of spreading to all aspects of life for those who pursue it. This means that once you adopt the lifestyle to your surroundings, you may find the same concepts creeping into your mental and even physical states. Minimalism is, in many ways, about applying the minimal effective dose to achieve a desired result. Having excess weight is usually a sign that your intake is greater than your exertion. Ergo, a true minimalist lifestyle could be the cause for you achieving and maintaining your body-type’s healthiest balance.

5. The Environment Is Important To You

Simply stated, having less means you have less of an impact on the environment. When you buy less you waste and dispose of less. People who adopt a minimalist lifestyle drastically shrink their ecological footprint, leaving less stress on our environment.

6. You Could Use A Little Free Time

Imagine it’s Saturday morning, you wake up and the weekend is ahead of you. The first thing you do is think of everything you need to get done around the house before work on Monday. Cleaning the garage, dusting, tidying up your daughter’s room, answering emails. This mental clutter fuels some of us into action, while bogging others down. It is important to stay busy, but lacking control of what is keeping you busy is what minimalism helps combat. It removes the aspects of your life that take up time unnecessarily, freeing you up for what you would rather be spending your time on.

7. You Enjoy Embarking On Experiences, But Can’t Seem To Find The Cash

When you decide to spend your hard earned money, it makes sense to spend wisely on something that lasts. Possessions are tangible. You can see the thread-work on a shirt and the design of a vase along with the price on their tags to determine the value. Experiences are wildly intangible, and affect different people in different ways. So what lasts longer, a possession and the initial excitement it brings or an experience and its effect on your life?

8. You Constantly Wonder If There’s An Easier Way

Minimalism allows people to practice mindful control of their possessions. This begins by combing through and decisively making what is sometimes a difficult decision regarding what stays and what goes. Being able to cut through the emotional clutter and then to maintain the same mental framework moving forward doesn’t always come naturally, but it can be learned. Minimalists practice until they ultimately become master decision-makers without a hint of indecision.

Much like the termfeminist the term “minimalist” is often misunderstood as an extreme viewpoint or lifestyle choice. Minimalism does not mean living without the things you love, it simply requires you to do a little soul searching to find the truth about what is most important to you, then determine the possessions and actions you need to fulfill that truth. It allows you to veer from the masses and experience the lifestyle you crave instead of the consumeristic one promoted by our culture. Once you determine that a simpler more streamlined life is right for you, moving forward becomes of utmost importance. YPO specialists are trained to guide you through your journey toward a more simplified life, and can begin the process as early as today.

**Minimalism is different for each of us, but the principles remain steady. If you are interested in simplifying your life our organization specialists are ready to help. Call 954-406-6002 or email for your complimentary consultation.**

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